Expungement (Sealing of Criminal Record) Granted: 11/28/2012

Date: 11/28/2012
Location: Anoka County District Court
Result: The court granted  the expungement of Mr. Wilson’s client’s criminal records held by the court for her 2006 Fifth-Degree Domestic Assault conviction.
Result Explanation:  Attorney Thomas A. Wilson researched, drafted and submitted a petition to expunge his client’s criminal records held by the court  for a Fifth-Degree Domestic Assault conviction;  in addition to executive agencies (e.g. the BCA, County Attorney etc.); along with a Legal Memorandum, proposed Orders, and supporting documents.  Mr. Wilson presented an oral argument at the expungement hearing.  The court decided to grant an Order expunging  Mr. Wilson’s client’s  criminal records held by the court; but declined to Order the expungement of the records held by the executive agencies (BCA; DHS; City Attorney) because of their objection(s) and the current case law concerning inherent authority expungement which arguably does not allow the court to use their inherent authority to expunge executive branch records.

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Minnesota criminal record expungement attorney Thomas A. Wilson practices exclusively in the area of criminal law.  Minnesota criminal record expungement attorney Thomas A. Wilson represents clients in both inherent authority expungements  and statutory expungements in Minneapolis and greater Hennepin County, St. Paul and greater Ramsey County, Anoka County, Sherburne County, Wright County, Washington County, Carver County and Greater Minnesota.

More Information About Criminal Record Expungement in Minnesota

Expungement law in Minnesota is complicated.  The following links provide more information on Minnesota’s expungement law and the process of filing an expungement.

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