The following are actual testimonials, thank you notes, and letters from my past and current clients and their loved ones.  Their names have been withheld out of respect for their privacy.

Quality of legal services was excellent!  Very professional, informed, and went above and beyond when needed. [I am] very happy with winning my case [and] my right to possess, purchase, and otherwise deal with firearms was restored. I will use your legal services if needed in the future!  I have already recommended your services to others!From a Client: 10.4.2013
Mr. Wilson provided me with excellent legal services.  He responded to all of my questions promptly and was very thorough during the entire process.  I believe his thoroughness and attention to details are what enable me to have a positive outcome with my case.  If the need ever arose, I would not hesitate to use Mr. Wilson's services again.  I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal services.  Thanks again Mr. Wilson!From a Client 9.21.2013
The quality of my legal service[s] was excellent.  I was very pleased with my case results [and] all objectives of my case were met.  I would without a doubt use your legal services again.  I also would recommend your services to others.  I have never been in a situation before where I needed legal services.  You made the process very simple and unstressful.  I appreciate all of the work you put into my case.From a Client: 7.7.2013
Thomas Wilson is professional and very competent in his area of focus. I felt comfortable talking with him and he was always willing to explain the process and what was expected of me.  My goal was to get my gun rights restored and he accomplished just that.  I would not hesitate to seek his services again if the situation ever arose.  I would recommend anyone in need of legal assistance to consult with Thomas Wilson.From a Gun Rights Restoration Client: 06.23.2013
Thomas A. Wilson represented me in my case to have my firearm rights restored.  His legal services were outstanding.  When and if I had questions he answered effectively and promptly.  I am very happy with the result in my case and the objective was met.  I would not hesitate to recommend his services to someone or use [him] myself again.From a Gun Rights Restoration Client: 02.26.2013
Thomas Wilson provided me with a high quality of legal services with positive results.  My case was handled in a professional manner [and] with Thomas Wilson's persistence [the] outcome of my case was positive.  I would highly recommend Thomas Wilson.From an Expungement Client: 03/11/2013
The level of quality provided by Wilson Law Firm P.L.L.C. was excellent! He [Attorney Thomas A. Wilson] walked me through everything step by step.  He was excellent at communicating with me in a timely manner.  Especially if I didn't understand.  He did everything in his power to help me through my case and I appreciate everything.  I would absolutely use his services again and would refer him to friends and family in a heartbeat.  Thank you so much for your help and services!From an Expungement Client: 02/27/2013
Wilson Law Firm provided excellent legal services.  I was very satisfied with the results of my case.  All of my objectives were met.  If I ever had another need for legal services or advice, I would definitely recommend consultation with Wilson Law Firm. For the average person, dealing with the legal system is confusing, frustrating and overwhelming.  Initially I was hesitant in obtaining legal services due to the costs and assuming that there were no other options available for me.  A peer of mine advised me to seek legal counseling due to the fact that my occupational livelihood could be at risk if I do not find out exactly what all my options were. I did and have not looked back since.  Wilson Law Firm made the process completely easy.  Of course I did my own research and talked to a few attorneys.  Money was an obvious issue, but also finding someone whom I was comfortable speaking with to confide my person issues was a huge factor.  From the first phone consultation, Thomas was very open, non-condescending, and straight to the point.  He explained and weighed out all options for me on the table with all the information I gave him.  He also was able to offer different payment options as well. Thomas continued to keep lines of communication open throughout the entire process: calling and sending email reminders for court appearances, explaining legal documents and mail received, and updating me with any new information on the case.  Take the advice given to me, "better safe than sorry."  Learn your options and don't feel like a victim to the legal system.  I have no doubt that if you . . .  [hire] . . . Wilson Law Firm, you will be very satisfied just as I am.From a Criminal Defense Client: 02.27.2013
The quality of your legal services was exceptional . . . hands down you had it all put together.  I am very happy with the outcome of my case.  I thank you for that.  I will hands down use you [again] if anything in the future should come up . . .From a Gun Rights Restoration Client: 01.31.2013
I was truly impressed by the quality and professional service(s) I received.  The outcome of  the case was as I hoped for.  I would not hesitate on using and recommending Thomas Wilson to others.  Big weight was lifted from my shoulders thanks to you.  Thanks again!!From a Gun Rights Restoration Client: 12.10.2012
In spite of the embarrassment I felt at having to seek legal representation for my situation, I felt very much at ease with Mr. Wilson's non-judgmental professionalism and patience.  Mr. Wilson kept me well-informed throughout the process, and the end result exceeded my expectations.From an Expungement Client: 12/10/2012
Dear Mr. Wilson: I just wanted to write you a letter thanking you for all of your work again! The quality of legal service was first class.  You always answered my questions, got back to me promptly with emails, and let me know what was going on every step of the way.  With the case result being in our favor I am so very happy.  Because of the work you did I have my life back, my rights back, my past time back!  Thank you!  All of the objectives in my case have been met and because of that I bought a deer license for the first time in 15 years and am going with my mother and step-dad, and that is what I wanted. If I ever need legal services in the future (I hope I do not need them)  you will be the first person I call.  I will always be grateful for what you have done.  I will recommend you to everyone that is in need of legal service[s]. Again, thank you.  You have helped get back something that I lost and never thought I could find [again].  From me, my wife, mom, dad, everyone, thanks.    From a Gun Rights Restoration Client
I highly recommend your services, you performed at a highly professional level in every facet of my case. Right from the get go, I got a good feeling about working with you.  You kept me informed at every turn in my case.  You were diligent in  your work and helped me to understand your approach to my case in layman's terms. I can't thank you enough Thomas.  You've given me renewed hope in justice being served for everyone, not just the privileged.  I have my life back again.From a Client Charged with a DWI
Being a defendant in a criminal matter is never easy -- sorting between choices for an attorney often makes the process even more stressful. That all changed when I met Mr. Wilson, who provided a steady and powerful voice that ultimately saw my criminal charge dismissed with prejudice. Many attorneys act as though they're the best thing to happen to you in a crappy situation -- Thomas Wilson proves he is, not by handholding and table-pounding, but through his humility and skill. In my opinion, he is the finest criminal defense attorney in Minnesota. But don't ask him--he'll just say he's doing his job. No one deserves such a title more than Mr. Wilson, and wears it less.From a Client Charged with a Third-Degree DWI
I really appreciate the way you handled this case for W. You proved to me to be of the utmost professional attorney I have ever seen. You did your research first. Starting with the case information and then researching every facet of the law concerning [the case]… Watching you in court was also very impressive. You showed confidence without arrogance, intelligence without cockiness. I have very confidence in you and WILL use you again if I ever need you. Thanks again.From a Client's Father