Dismissal & Continuance for Dismissal: 01/12/2012

  • Date:  1/12/2012
  • Location:  Ramsey County District Court
  • Charge(s):  Assault (5th Degree); Disorderly Conduct (Brawling/Fighting)
  • Charge Level(s):  Misdemeanor
  • Maximum Punishment for Charge(s): Up to 90 days in jail and/or $1000.00 fine.
  • Result(s):  Assault charge dismissed; Disorderly Conduct charge continued for dismissal.
  • Result(s) Explanation: Attorney Thomas A. Wilson negotiated for and the prosecution agreed to dismiss the Assault charge and continue the Disorderly Conduct charge for dismissal (the charge will be dismissed after one year if the client remains law-abiding).

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