Minnesota Gun Rights Restoration

Minnesota Gun Rights Restoration

  • Felony “Crime of Violence” Convictions
  • Civil Commitment
  • Juvenile Adjudication for “Crime of Violence”
  • Misdemeanor “Crime of Domestic Violence” Conviction (“Lautenberg Amendment”)



Minnesota Gun Rights Restoration Attorney Thomas A. Wilson

I am a criminal law attorney located in St. Paul, Minnesota with  a  practice dedicated 100% to criminal law and  focusing in large part on firearm rights.  I have helped numerous clients restore their gun rights; defend against firearms-related criminal charges; and obtain their carry permits after an initial denial.  I work hard in every one of my cases to get the best result possible and to give my clients personal, professional, and effective legal representation.

Minnesota Gun Rights Restoration: Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am not sure whether I am prohibited from possessing firearms.  How do I find out?  You should always consult with a qualified attorney to determine whether you have either state or federal firearms prohibitions.  This area of of law is complicated as it involves  numerous overlapping federal and state laws.  All of this said, in Minnesota the major state law prohibitor is any felony “crime of violence” conviction or juvenile delinquency adjudication.  Some common felony “crimes of violence” including Theft of a Motor Vehicle; Drug Possession and Sales; and Burglary.  Under Minnesota state law a  ”crime of violence” conviction or juvenile adjudication carries a lifetime firearms prohibition unless you successfully petition the court for the restoration of your gun rights.


  • How much is your legal fee for gun rights restoration?  I charge a flat/fixed-fee (rather than hourly) for most of my gun rights restoration cases.  I try to charge the most reasonable fee possible given the unique circumstances of the case.  In some cases I can offer a payment plan if the client is unable to pay the entire fee up-front. I offer many payment options including check, cash, money order, Paypal, and every major credit card.


  • How long does the gun rights restoration process take?  The amount of time a gun rights restoration case takes from the initial case consultation to the court’s decision varies significantly depending on several factors including the complexity of the case;  my current case load; and  the court’s schedule.  A case can generally be completed within 10-12 weeks.


Minnesota Gun Rights Restoration: Success Stories

The following are recent successful gun rights restoration case results.  Please note that




Minnesota Gun Rights Restoration: Client Testimonials

I strive to provide my clients will the best legal representation possible in their gun rights restoration cases.  The following are my former gun rights restoration clients actual letters, testimonials, and thank you notes about their experience with my legal representation.  My clients names have been withheld out of respect for their privacy.



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