Third-Degree DWI; Test Refusal; & Obstruction of Legal Process Case Dismissed: 08/03/2012

  • Date: 08/03/2012
  • Location: Goodhue County District Court
  • Charge(s): Third-Degree (Gross Misdemeanor) DWI (Minn. Stat. Sec. 169A.20.1(1)); Gross Misdemeanor Test Refusal (Minn. Stat. Sec. 169A.20.2); Gross Misdemeanor Obstruction of the Legal Process (Minn. Stat. Sec. 609.50.1(2))
  • Result: The Prosecutor dismissed all charges prior to the contested omnibus hearing that Mr. Wilson demanded.
  • Result Explanation:  Attorney Thomas A. Wilson researched, drafted and submitted a pretrial motion to suppress evidence, and upon the event of suppression, dismissal of the case for lack of probable cause; and to dismiss the charges based  on lack of probable cause; arguing both that the police officer did not have have  reasonable articulable suspicion to stop his client; that the complaint failed to establish the  necessary  probable cause for the DWI charge; and that the police officer did not follow proper testing procedure(s).  Mr. Wilson demanded a contested omnibus hearing for the court to hear these issue(s) and the prosecutor  dismissed all charges before the contested hearing date.

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